Project TICF

Research on laser-atoms, laser plasma interactions, towards inertial confinement fusion (TICF)

TICF aims to advance the research field of laser interaction with matter science by focusing on the laser interactions with atoms and plasma, and to develop a fruitful collaboration between the National atomic, laser and plasma physics communities to bring about a smooth, timely transition from basic research to inertial fusion science and practical applications, making possible the link of the Romanian research to the European research programs.

The Project TICF includes the following major objectives:

  1. experiments and theoretical simulations of technical conditions in order to obtain high density and low temperature laser-produced plasma at the interaction of powerful laser beams of ps and ns duration with solid targets in vacuum;
  2. National ?critical mass? of high level scientists to provide fundamental theories, greater understanding of the physics of atoms, lasers and plasmas, predicting and/or interpreting the experimental results;
  3. experiments and theoretical simulations in order to generate fast relativistic electrons on the rear target surface, as inertial confinement fusion ignitors;
  4. modelling of the basic processes involved in the interaction of atoms with short duration and high intensity laser pulses;
  5. Implementing Web Services for remote data access and distributed applications;

These advances will require focusing on the following Policy statement:

  • International cooperative agreements are a substantial factor in inertial fusion progress and will be encouraged. Such agreements, however, are not an effective substitute for focused National efforts and needed National experimental facilities.
  • Fusion-related programs in universities and institutes will be selectively strengthened and encouraged to ensure an adequate supply of engineers and physicists with knowledge in this field.




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