Research Infrastructure

Research is conducted both locally, using the group's equipments, and remotely, using equipments provided by partners or organizations with whom we are involved.

Local equipments are used mostly for development, adaptation of existing codes and running short or serial simulations. Furthermore, local servers are used as an access point to resources offered by others, like ITM-TF and EFDA-JET.

In order to facilitate the collaboration and exchange of information amongst group members, we use a special configuration based on "thin clients" that connect to a central server, having access to centralized storage.

A short presentation of the group's equipment:

  • Linux application server: Intel Xeon CPU 3Ghz, 12Gb RAM
  • Windows access server: Intel Xeon CPU 2,5Ghz, 8Gb RAM
  • Windows application server: Intel Xeon CPU 2,3 Ghz, 6Gb RAM
  • Central Storage Server
  • IBM Bladecenter S, with two blades, virtualized using VMWARE ESXi


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