Atomic processes and related quantities; Laser matter interaction

(national and international research)

Recent activities


  • 2CEEx-06-D11-39 - Project TICF (RO EN)
    • Experiments and theoretical simulations of technical conditions in order to obtain high density and low temperature laser-produced plasma at the interaction of powerful laser beams of ps and ns duration with solid targets in vacuum;
    • National "critical mass" of high level scientists to provide fundamental theories, greater understanding of the physics of atoms, lasers and plasmas, predicting and/or interpreting the experimental results;
    • Experiments and theoretical simulations in order to generate fast relativistic electrons on the rear target surface, as inertial confinement fusion ignitors;
    • Modelling of the basic processes involved in the interaction of atoms with short duration and high intensity laser pulses;
    • Implementing Web Services for remote data access and distributed applications;
  • Recombination X Ray laser with Al Li-like ion (FP III/ ERB-CT-CIPA-92-0495)
    • collaboration with Laboratoire de Spectroscopy Atomique et Ionique de l'Universite Paris Sud, Dr. Alain Sureau, Dr. Annie Klisnick, Dr. H. Guennou, Dr. C. Moller
    • influence of dielectronic recombination on gain modeling of X-ray lasers with Li-like Al
    • fine-structure calculation and ion-ion collisions
  • Investigating and understanding the issue of the opacity effects on laser-plasma emissivity
    • We contributed by developing new models and numerical methods on the basis of the escape factor approximation, to calculate the influence of the opacity on population density distribution on the excited states, and line intensity.
  • Atomic data calculation for plasma diagnostics
    • We contributed to this tasks by building a new routine to calculate positions and autoionisation rates for complex atoms.
    • brief_report_122004.doc
  • Atomic processes in laser field (National research in collaboration with The Faculty of Physics, Bucharest)
  • "Electron and Photon Interaction with Atoms and Molecules" FP IV/ ERB-CHRX-CT920013/Aditional 940025 under co-ordination of Prof. P.G. Burke
    • R-matrix calculation of electron-atom (Al10+) collisions/ atomic data
    • multi-photon ionization of Al X and CIII( modeling of the excited Rydberg states, autoionisation probabilities, position and widths of highly excited Rydberg states)
    • laser-induced degenerate states
    • fine-structure and relativistic effects
  • "1s22pns(1p0) autoionising levels in Be-like Al and C ions", V. Stancalie, Physics of Plasmas
    • Project 2 of Working Group 1 of COST Action P-14
    • Report on activities of Project 2 of Working Group 1 of COST Action P-14, June to December 2004:

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